EPS Shower Niche


This Video details how to installed the shower niche on the wall ?


Product Details

JIT panels are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized.

Niche Size inch (inner) Size inch (outer) Model
8''x8'' 10-3/4''x10-3/4''x4'' EPSNICHE22
12''x12'' 15-3/4''x15-3/4''x4'' EPSNICHE33
12''x20'' 15-3/4''x23-3/4''x4'' EPSNICHE351
8''x6''& 8''12'' 10-3/4''x23-3/4''x4'' EPSNICHE245
12''x6''&12''x12'' 15-3/4''x23-3/4''x4'' EPSNICHE345


Recommended use:

• Interior and exterior use.
• Shower stalls and tub surrounds
• Industrial, commercial and residential
• Decorative applications in walls


• Lightweight and durable.
• Easy to transport, handle and adjust  during insulation
• Installed in mintues.
• Waterproof and ready- to- tile.
• Multiple design options and sizes available added utility and value to the shower


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